The #1 exhibition dedicated to the dental sector in Algeria

7 - 10 June 2023 | Algiers Exhibition Center - SAFEX (Union Hall)

The #1 exhibition dedicated to the dental sector in Algeria

7 - 10 June 2023 | Algiers Exhibition Center - SAFEX (Union Hall)

The #1 exhibition dedicated to the dental sector in Algeria

7 - 10 June 2023 | Algiers Exhibition Center - SAFEX (Union Hall)

Commitment to Visitor Safety

Dentex Algeria is all set for 1st  to 4th June 2022 at the International conference center in Algiers. We continue to follow this situation very closely and we will stick to every decision made by the Algerian government regarding the way that  we can organise events.

Your safety is our priority, and we are in the process of implementing the health and safety protocols that have been defined in partnership with SGS. The new partnership will ensure you can participate with complete peace of mind.

Your safety is our priority and we have been working hard on implementing safety and sanitary protocols to ensure the event is safe for you to meet and do business again. We have partnered with SGS to ensure your safe participation and to ensure we can meet the highest international standards and protocols. The new partnership will ensure you can participate in DENTEX Algeria with complete peace of mind.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection protocols

All surfaces at Dentex are treated with hospital-grade disinfectants. The most frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected at regular intervals. Electrostatic spraying technology ensures the highest standards of hygiene.

Hand hygiene

Hand sanitiser stations will be available everywhere on the exhibition floor and in common areas such as seminar theatres. Please make use of them regularly during the day!

Personal protection & detection

Temperature screenings

Automatic temperature screenings before you enter the event will tell us if you have a temperature of 38° or above. If this is the case, please wait for ten minutes and we will measure your temperature again. If on a second screening your temperature has fallen below 38°, no problem, welcome! If your temperature is still above 38°, we will be unable to grant you admission. We recommend that you check your temperature before leaving home as a precaution and to avoid any inconvenience.

Face masks

We kindly ask you to wear a face mask upon entering Dentex. We encourage you to bring your own, but event staff will be on hand to provide one if you forget!

Plexiglass shields

Plexiglass shields will be installed at registration desks, information points, catering points and counters staffed by team members where necessary throughout the event floor.

Physical distancing

Social distancing and crowd management 

We kindly request that you maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other people. This social distancing rule will be adapted according the local safety regulations. Clear signage will help you respect this distance.

Elbow bumps replace handshakes!

Handshakes are “on hold” for the time being! We know this is tough, as a handshake is the natural form of business greeting. We suggest you greet with an elbow bump. A simple wave or a thumbs-up will also do nicely. So long as the greeting is without physical contact … feel free to use your own style.

Online registration and touchless scanning

Please register online before the event, as registration onsite is not possible. You can either print out your admission voucher, which has a barcode, or bring it on your mobile device. You will then be able to scan the barcode at one of our touchless scanning stations. If you register more than 3 weeks prior to the event, you may receive your badge in the post saving you time and eliminating overcrowding at registration. 

One-way only aisles

One-way-only aisles will help to manage traffic and minimise crowding. They will also make it easier for you to respect the social distancing rules and avoid crossing the paths of other visitors.

Stay home if you feel ill

Finally, as much as we want to see you at CCR, we kindly ask you to respect everyone’s health and safety. If you feel at all ill – including mild cold symptoms or a high temperature – please stay at home.

Thank you for observing these rules – stay safe and we hope to see you in May.

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