The #1 exhibition dedicated to the dental sector in Algeria

24 - 27 May 2023 | CIC Algiers, Algeria

The #1 exhibition dedicated to the dental sector in Algeria

24 - 27 may 2023 | CIC Algiers, Algeria

The #1 exhibition dedicated to the dental sector in Algeria

24 - 27 may 2023 | CIC Algiers, Algeria

The scientific comitee of DENTEX Algeria

Dr. Lotfi Reda ALIM

University hospital teacher, specialist in dentofacial orthopedics at the Faculty of Dentistry of Algiers.

Secretary General of the Algerian Orthodontic Society.

Secretary General of the French Society of Pediatric Orthodontics.

Member of the council of the order of dentists in Algiers.

National and international speaker

Dr Alim


Director, Elite Academy.

Director of the “Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry” program, Dubai.

Private practitioner as consultant in prosthesis and oral implantology, Dubai.

Assistant Professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Certified educator, International Academy of Aesthetics, Beverly Hills, USA.

Teaching member at the International Diploma of Oral Implantology (DGOI), Morocco / Germany

Dr Amir Hamou 2g

Pr. Jaafar Mouhyi DDS, PhD

Director, Casablanca Oral Rehabilitation Training & Education Center.

Professor, Head of the Biomaterials research Department.

International University of Agadir, Universiapolis, Morocco.

Faculty member, Implant externship program, Dental XP, New York university.

President Elect. Digital Dentistry Society

Dr. Aziouez OUAHES

Liberal dentist

Founder infodental (2013) and IDP (2016)

CEO IDP Formations (since 2016)

Consultant & media partner

Director ‘Dental News magazine’

License partner ‘Dental tribune international’



Specialist in oral implant and pre-implant surgery at the level of Preentis Clinique Dentaire, Saint Antoine Hospital as well as at the level of Ardentys Clinique Dentaire

Co-founder of the Infinity dental club association

Participation in numerous conferences, seminars, congresses and webinars in France and abroad

Pr. Abderahmane NABID

_ Former Head of Prosthesis Department (CHU BEO Algiers)

_ Former Associate Member of the French Academy of Dental Surgery

_ Professor of Prosthesis (University of ALGIERS)

_ Honorary Member of the French Society of Biomaterials and Implantable Systems

_President of the Algerian National Academy of Dental Medicine.



Dr Samir Araissia

State diploma in dental surgeon from the University of Paris 5

University degree in implantology and dental aesthetics, University of Evry

Diploma in dental aesthetics from the University of Marseille

Former attached to the Sud Fancilien Hospital


Dr. Mountaha Al Hage

-Dr. Mountaha is the chairperson of the ALD Algeria Affiliate Study Club laser study club.
-Laser Lecturer and clinical supervisor of different laser wavelengths.
Clinical mentor of the international fellowship of ALD in Algeria.
– Mastership in laser in dentistry RWTH Aachen University Germany.
– Advanced Proficiency candidate of Academy Laser Dentistry in Diode 940 and Er,Cr:YSGG 2780 nm.
– Candidate of Master of Science RWTH Aachen University, Germany.
– Laser safety officer RWTH Aachen University Germany.
– Medical director and head of prosthodontic department in clinique dentaire kouba
– Responsible and supervisor of all laser procedures in Clinique Dentaire Kouba and Clinique internationale Oran.
– Member of World Academy of Laser Education and Research in Dentistry.


Pr. Jean Pierre BERNARD

Professor Jean Pierre Bernard completed his medical training at the University of Paris XII then his specialization in stomatology and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Paris VI in France.
After this training, he joined the department of stomatology, oral surgery and dental and maxillofacial radiology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, where he is former head of department, responsible for the master’s degree in oral surgery, educational advisor for dentistry. and vice-president of the dental medicine section
His clinical and research activities spanned surgical implantology, bone augmentation procedures, dental radiology and stomatology and have been featured in international conferences, publications and book chapters.


Dr. Wassim Bouzid

Owner of OrthoVision Dental Clinic, Constantine, Algeria since 2012.

Co-founder of Orthodental Seminars

Tads, IZC and BSS instructor

Dental Photography and smile design instructor

Pitts Group team member.

International speaker in Orthodontics and Smile Design.



Former AHU Periodontics Paris Descartes

Former Attached to the Hospitals of Paris

Inserm Clinical Research Associate

European Association member for Osteointegration

Pr. Faten Ben Abdallah BEN AMOR
DDS university of Monastir
Master in Anatomy University of Paris 7
Master in Implantology University of Paris 5
DEA in Biomechanics and biomaterials university Paris 6
-Vice President of The University of Monastir in charge of Research and Cooperation
-Professor of Anatomy and Implantology
Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Monastir Tunisia
-Head of the outpatient department
-Faouder Manager of Oral Health and Oral Rehabilitation Research Laboratory, LR12 ES11
-Editor in chief of Tunisian Dental News Journak
-Honorary President of Tunisian Dental Association of research and study in Surgery and Pain (ATORECD)
-President Elect of Mediterranean Implant Association SENAME
– Member of the French Academy of Dental surgery


Dr. Gérard JOURDA

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Doctor of Odontological Sciences
THESE. prosthesis
Expert at the LYON Court of Appeal and the Courts.

Vice – President of the Rhodanian Society of Biofunctional Prosthesis,
Vice – President of the International Society for Research and Education in
President of the Lyonnaise Society of Prosthetics

Member of the American Prosthodontic Society,
Member of the European Prosthodontic Association